Did you see the google marketing, analytics, and platforms innovations live stream?. Here is a quick recap about Google’s latest announcements. #GoogleMarketingLive

The world today is a lot different and complex. Users want more control. Todays consumer is demanding, impatient and curious. They are more research obsessed. They are also researching what not to buy. Their expectations are rising. They expect more personal relevance. Change is what they expect.

Some examples:

  1. Mobile searches for things to do tonight has more than doubled.
  2. Near me search is evolving faster.
  3. There is a 10x increase to “open near me tonight” searches

Digital is no longer the underdog

Technology is changing at unrelenting space. The Dialogue has changed. Consumer are more aware on how they are marketed to and how their data is used. They are frustrated with slow websites and


deceptive, annoying ads. When users dont get what is helpful or frictionless, they leave.


It should be an advertising that works for everyone

  • Advertising should be valuable, transparent and trustworthy.
  • Understanding and satisfying user intent is the key.
  • People expect more than answers. They want assistance.
  • They want you to understand and figure what they need.
  • People dont see value if they dont feed valued.
  • Your consumers also need to trust you.

For us marketers we know that Advertising is about driving better results. It needs more than right keywords or bids. We need to be relevant across enquire journey. Relevance –> drive better results. So its important to know the intent

Google also has a setting by which users who are annoyed with some type of ads, they can go to their google account settings and change their preference, to stop certain type of ads and select few relevant ones. ( We know many users are unaware by and large )

The Youtube Announcement

There are many intent rich moments on youtube. The below was announced for Youtube Advertising.

  1. Trueview for reach for impression based clients.
  2. Trueview for action is a call to action overlay and will be shown though entire video below.
  3. The above is good to generate more leads through this plan ( custom intent audience )
  4. If you want leads, right in youtube, form will appear and lead generation can happen.
  5. Maximize lift bidding. Youtube Brand Lift.

Google Search ads

  • More use of Machine learning to enable search ads.
  • Machine learning delivers best and relevant ads to people at the right time
  • Optimize ad rotations, Smart Bidding will be powered by Machine Learning
  • Responsive Search Ads are more flexible in ad creation and testing for better results. Its the combinations
  • Responsive search ads is something we liked as now with machine learnings, we submit up to 15 headlines and descriptions and the machine learning will find the best combination ads. ( Reminds me of facebook dynamic ads )
  • With this change there will be 90% more ad text.
  • Half of all traffic comes from mobile. 50% people leave the site if it doesn’t load fast
  • But optimizing for speed is still not a priority for many businesses
  • New mobile landing speed score is available
  • New column is for mobile speed score will show – very slow, to fast and very fast.
  • To improve site speed you can also consider using AMP
  • Measuring the performance is now more important to become successful
  • People move between different devices throughout day, so;
  • Cross device reporting and remarketing is now available to all advertisers.
  • New report links moments together to review trends and insights to improve.
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Google Smart campaigns


Further Leveraging the power of machine learning; advertisers will be able to

  • Automatically create new ads for small business.
  • Auto optimized landing pages.
  • Real results for every small business.
  • Get Free training with grow with google program.

Smart Shopping campaigns

Smart campaigns for small business will now enable advertisers to:

  • Generate Automated feedsMix Black Slip Vans True Black Checker Unisex on White Q9b Trainers Adults' Classic 0qAwzqf
  • Automated campaigns can be created
  • Shopify shopping campaigns can be done directly within shopify. ( We love this)
  • Setting up the campaign will be easier which will enable driving store visits and acquiring new customers
  • Local campaigns can work across multiple properties – drive more store visits
  • Hotel ads worked great in the past and get more leads
  • New Hotel campaigns will be launched for hotels and travel agencies.

Stronger Collaboration

nbsp;Pair GENUINE Black Black LEATHER Ballerinas Anti 1 slip CH Ladies Leather Sole with HEEL 252 Technology should make it easier. New google marketing platform was also announced. Double click will go away. And they will be a part of the suite which will contain:

  • Search ads 360
  • Display & video 360

To better understand your customers, this will be the new integration center. There was a nice demo on how custom creatives can also be built to make ads for display ads to the right audiences. No need for designer as the interface is easy to use. And last, Instant reporting is also available. You can see the live video of google marketing announcement here

As a Premier Google Adwords Partner in UAE. We are eager to try the above new changes and help our client performances. We are excited about many features which can improve marketing results.

Mukesh Pandey is a Digital Marketing Strategist. He is Google Adwords Certified and strongly believes that Internet will enable us to speed up innovation and make life easier for everyone. He also founded Leads Dubai which is a Lead Generation Company in Dubai. Know more about Mukesh on Google+

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